SDG 13 Climate action

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The targets for this SDG can be seen here.

Reduce energy and material consumption
– isolate walls, roofs, floors
– dubble, triple galzery
Use renewable energy and sustainable materials

– solar panels
– solar heating
– wind energy
– water power
– less concrete
– more biobased materials
Use heat of materials as long as possible
– regain heat of the ventilation system
– regain heat from the showerwater
– recycle materials
– maintain
– repair, refurbish, remanufacture, repurpose, reuse, recycle, recover
– look at the whole lifecycle
– passive buidling
– airtight building

At Universidat Laboral Coruna Spain they have heat pumps with the environmental friendly propane to teach students how to work safely with the inflamable propane.

Developed training on energy saving
Blower door test Xunta Spain Level 3
Energy and heat recovery Xunta Spain Level 4
Thermal insulation cladding Fomedil Bari Italy Level
Installing and activating a solar water heater Graafschapcollege Netherlands Level 4
The installations in my home KWIC Netherlands level 4
Sustainability in buidling and constructing KWIC Netherlands level 4

A video about zero at the meter building lesson modules

This video shows how the Koning Willem I College has incorporated zero on the meter building in the whole curriculum of their building courses. It is subtiteled in English.

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