SDG 1 No poverty

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Cheap building
Build houses also for poor people.
Create houses which are affordable.
Achieve in the proximity basic facilities which are accessable.

Or build your house yourself in a cheap healthy sustainable modular and circular way with a wikihouse.
Wikihouses try to create a modular design which fullfills the regular construction rules.
With the modules from the toolbox you make your own design and you can build your house yourself.
Produce the design as locally as possible using a computerized CNC milling machine. Mill the WikiHouse parts from 18mm thick plywood. Quickly build the WikiHouse shell with the help of the manual. Create the assembled parts based on simple techniques. Anyone can do it!

An example of a learning activity

How to build a sustainable your home Mercantec Viborg Denmark Level 4

Elke Kahr is mayor of Graz, Austria’s second city. A city that was in the middle of a housing crisis a few years ago has undergone a true residential transformation under her leadership. Where a lot of public land was wasted two years ago, cheap social housing is now accessible to most citizens and every citizen can visit Mayor Elke for housing advice.

Kurt Hofstätter is a landscape planner and in that capacity he is helping to build Vienna’s new landscape. He was closely involved in the design of Seestadt, a new district full of social housing. He explains that ‘social’ does not mean ‘for poor people’, but ‘for society’, and that construction is done so that as many people as possible can live as best as possible.

Social sustainable housing Netherlands

A project where you could build whatever you want for very low costs.