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How to reach the hart of students so they get the desire, the motivation to to become more sustainability minded looking at the SDG’s . Do this by providing attractive and challenging tasks for the head and the hands.

More in depth our pedagogical and didactical model created by the university of Bari advises what is shown here under,

Develop one’s ability, motivation and desire to play an active role in finding democratic solutions to sustainability problems (based on key competences from UNESCO)

Action planning – envision the future – critically thinking – managing transitions, envisioning alternative sustainable futures with others and act for change

Driving questions for teachers

1. Provide tasks so students are elicited to think about sustainable solutions, materials, processes and products.

2. Help your students to adopt a relational way of thinking and to create new ideas.

3. Help your students to think about demanding and promoting effective
political action towards sustainability.

In this project we developed learning activities for the hands like

Blower door test Xunta Spain Level 3Energy and heat recovery Xunta Spain Level 4
Thermal insulation cladding Fomedil Bari Italy Level
Thermal efficient carpentry Xunta Spain Level 3-5
Installing and activating a solar water heater Graafschapcollege Netherlands Level 4How to build a sustainable your home Mercantec Viborg Denmark Level 4
Green roofing Learnmark Denmark Level 3-4
Using groudplugs in building biobased by Mercantec Denmark level 2
Hemp application in eco-friendly builing Fomedil Bari Italy Level 3-4
The use of wood in building construction Someso Spain Level 3-5
Construction details and CLT CIFP Someso Spain Level 5
Sustainable bricklaying Tradium Randers Denmark Level 3

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