SDG implementation in teams I

SDG implementation in the building department Method I

At Graafschapcollege in the Netherlands they used the next steps to implement the SDG’s in teaching.
1. Acknowledge how the Goals already are an existing part of your classes and projects. This analysis can be done on separate themes, in smaller groups of construction, installations, electricity, and social studies teachers.
2. Sticker the SDGs onto the education programs, and elaborate on how they can actively implement them further in your classes.

In this way you get the Green Wave objectives into each teachers’ mindset and increase awareness.

In this way you can activate the awareness in a constructive way.

At the Koning Willem I College the whole teachers team of building, architecture and urban design attended a training in the SDG’s.

  1. The department decided which SDG’s are the most important,
  2. look at the relationship in between each SDG an the lessons,
  3. fill in the questionnaire
  4. decide together what should be implemented in the team plans of next year.