Initiating teachers course

Day 1

At the course we learned about the SDG’s and the whole school approach. See here.

GROUP WORK : SDG in building and construction

  1. What is the relationschip of the SDG’s and what you teach ( orange)
  2. How can the SDG’s inspire you to change your own school buildings ( green)
  3. What chances and difficulties do you see – and how can this create a green wave in VET ( pink)

Feed back from group work :

  • Implementation of SDG’s in our lessons
  • Small steps
  • The students can’t handle all 17 SDG’s at once
  • A couple of the 17 SDG’s must be implemented in the curriculum form the courses
  • Students have to know new solutions and the definition of the SDG’s – why is it important
  • An important issues is energy efficiency. Use excel and software
  • Lots of expectations – we need more knowledge
  • Some scholls have SDG*s in the curriculum next year
  • In 2023 this will be mandatory in NL
  • Example from DK : a whole day for SDG’s – students pick an assignment: Make a wall in wood, design little houses on paper
  • Just teach it – it is the future
  • List of examples – saving rain water, urban agriculture, gender/ women in building, lower temperature , sustainable citiees, 
  • Healthy food
  • Windmill
  • Isolate
  • LED
  • Heating systems and ventilation
  • New spaces for bicycles
  • Charge facilities
  • Electrical cars
  • Waste – recycling
  • Hot air instead of paper
  • Students can build installations in building that will meet the SDG’s ( healthy climate – co 2)
  • European legislation will block the SDG’s
  • Give a project – go around the school and find things to change
  • Discuss with principal
  • Difficulties – curriculum is not updated
  • Innovation,
  • Money is not important
  • Confrontation: is this the right way- students
  • A difficulty in teaching that we noticed is lack of a uniform and global implementation of the SDG’s in the curriculums
  • If in a higher level we would find good guidelines regarding the implementation fo sdg’s would be a good starting point to achive more successful teaching and helt us getting a green wave in VET .

Day 2

We were informed about an initiative in which a group of teachers discussed the connection in between a competence in building (for instance how to build a wall) and the SDG’s.

Normally you had to explain in a presentation:
How does your construction meet the requirements of the building regulations?

New is:
What makes your building solution sustainable?
How can a carpentry business be economically, socially and climate and environmentally sustainable?

The first day of the course.

Plenum and discussion after the group work:

Group 1:

  • Template might be useful, but not necessary – just start in small scale
  • Lessons with focus on SDG’s, reflect and discuss
  • 3 rules for sustainability: don’t use energy, Use sustainable materials / renewable , Use as long as possible
  • Reuse – rethink and redesign
  • Involve students

Group 2:

  • Discussed a topic/ example from lessons – Geothermal energy
  • Template good – clear information and connection to curriculum
  • As a teacher you can start now – not wait for curriculum
  • Green building – bring issues into teaching now – and move on
  • Use examples from enterprises

Group 3 :

  • Presentation of case study – easy to fit in the template
  • Topic – analyse of building ( 6- 7 global goals  )
  • From holistic view to practical – be specific
  • Inform about new systems

Evaluation – and link to teachers guide. All participants at teachers’ course will fill in questionnaire – and we will adjust to improve before more teachers will make the survey.

We discussed that it would be relevant to arrange a new more practical course – funded by Erasmus ka 1 mobility . the steering committee will discuss this

Suggestion that teachers form – partnership with teacher from another organization – and keep contacts after the course

Suggestion to go back and make a plan – what will I do after the course – next step

Remarks about the course which all participants found very fruitful

We just start using SDG in education. It’s really great to hear how people in other countries feel about the need to do something about the climate ( for example). How they see changes , how to deal with it and how to use SDFG in education. The programme itself was very inspiring and made med enthusiastic to do more than I already did.

It would be nice that one partner with technical activities addressed do or that include SDG and shared this with the rest to inspire. Using mobility is a good option to get a better impact in your school ( about spreading SDG’s)

Sheets with less information -. Use handouts of presentations on which I can write remarks. Sheets should be readable for me. The programme more intensive – especially the first day. Plan more time for SDG subjects – give homework before attending the course.

Great with visit to building site –but nice if it had more focus on sustainability

It’s a good learning course. Experience of the students who participated the previous time , helped me to determine how to use the information at school.

Some impressions of the meetings