Applied trainings


Blower door test Xunta Level 3
Energy and heat recovery Xunta Level 4
Building biobased houses by Mercantec Denmark level 2
The installations in my home KWIC Netherlands level 4
Sustainability in buidling and constructing KWIC Netherlandslevel 4
The SDG’s and designing in architecture KWIC Netherlands level 4
Hemp application in eco-friendly builing Fomedil Bari
Thermal insulation cladding Fomedil Bari
How to build a sustainable your home Mercantec Viborg

Blower door test

Energy and heat recovery

Building biobased houses Level 2 Denmark

Koning Willem I College

The installations in my students residence

Sustainability in the lessons of building and constructing

The SDG’s and arcitecture level 4

Hemp application in eco friendly building Formedil Bari Level 3-4

Thermal insulation cladding Fromedil Bari Level 3-4

How to build a sustainable your home

For a 360 degree look inside the house see here

More detals are also alvailable of the bathroom, the floor, the indoor environment, the internal design, the kitchen, the roof, the surfaces, the terrain deck, the walls, the windows and a general description.