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How to reach the hart of students so they get the desire, the motivation to become more sustainability minded looking at the SDG’s. Do this by providing attractive and challenging tasks for the head and the hands.

From the hands and mind to the hart.

More in depth our pedagogical and didactical model created by the university of Bari advises the following.

Articulate one’s emotional response and relate emotionally to sustainability issues –(based on key competences from Unesco)

What are one’s ethical standards and beliefs valuing sustainability-supporting fairness-promoting nature

Driving questions for teachers

1. Help your students to reflect on their personal values related to the SDG’s and sustainability.

2. Help your students to learn about equity and justice around sustainability.

3. Help your students to relate to a healthy and resilient ecosystem.

Below an impression how we reached the hart of students in the Netherlands and in Italy.

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